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Posted by'bearbuck' on Saturday, 08.17.13 @ 09:53am

hair, hair and more hair, what a beautiful hairy ass!!, nice cock and smooth balls, his chest...ufff

Posted by'bearpolice' on Friday, 02.8.13 @ 19:57pm

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Posted by'ted ' on Sunday, 05.27.12 @ 17:03pm

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Posted by'Eric' on Monday, 09.5.11 @ 22:18pm

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Posted by'Mr. Sexy' on Friday, 09.2.11 @ 11:31am

You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it bteetr.

Posted by'Jimmy' on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 02:33am

This is near to perfect, love the dick and pits, would like to see your feet too.

Posted by'footguy' on Wednesday, 06.22.11 @ 09:29am

vreyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyy sexy and hot

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What a hunk. Beautiful cock.

Posted by'gilbert' on Monday, 03.21.11 @ 21:03pm

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Posted by'Yt' on Thursday, 03.17.11 @ 17:47pm

can it really get any better than this

Posted by'jersey phil' on Tuesday, 03.8.11 @ 10:04am

Frankie! You are also top rated jock or not.

Posted by'MJP50' on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 11:46am

hell man what a turn on

Posted by'bob' on Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 09:28am

thank u "gordito35" for sharing his name. u rock.

Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Monday, 02.28.11 @ 07:41am

FUCK, who wouldn't want him

Posted by'fanz999' on Monday, 02.28.11 @ 04:42am


Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Saturday, 02.26.11 @ 08:23am

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