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14 comments so far (post your own)

i always give this dude a 10... FUCK ME

Posted by'tas' on Thursday, 05.14.09 @ 02:21am

i gave him 1

Posted by'wierd' on Friday, 05.15.09 @ 22:55pm

It's fucking Eddie Munster

Posted by'Count Chocula' on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 12:15pm

Oh, HELL NO! zero

Posted by'Fuck the Police' on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 12:16pm

eeK! run to the hills.

Posted by'Crash Worship' on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 14:28pm

are you fucking kidding me? ur eyes are all googly and fucked up! one is bigger than the other and shit!

Posted by'Dabeyotch' on Wednesday, 12.30.09 @ 16:16pm

The Hills Have Eyes

Posted by'SHAT' on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 01:18am

God damn it, have some pride man! Lose a few pounds and firm up if u r going spread eagle on the Internet!

Posted by'Johny5' on Friday, 01.22.10 @ 17:46pm

If you're going to be naked, be fully naked.

Posted by'Zeke' on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 12:50pm

Let us not B to hastey you never know what the super market of life has in it this number may B a wild one

Posted by'ty' on Saturday, 09.4.10 @ 03:56am

I don't wanna be a pin head no more....

Posted by'ctboys' on Friday, 03.25.11 @ 23:12pm

You're just perfect ! If you're able to contact me, please add >

Posted by'Balichaser' on Wednesday, 08.10.11 @ 23:22pm

Perfect. I give him a 10.

Posted by'grrabbi' on Thursday, 01.12.12 @ 23:20pm

Get your shoes off the bed numb nuts.

Posted by'Ass hat' on Tuesday, 03.20.12 @ 23:19pm

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